“Nadia Marisa is a singer originally from Switzerland who decided to move to London to chase her dream of a singing career. She possesses a strong versatile voice and brings to mind other female singers from this era like Emeli Sande, Katie Melua and Sia, as well as singers from past years like Kate Bush and Shania Twain, though her Swiss heritage gives her voice an exotic quality that give her a style all of her own. (…..) Nadia’s soulful voice combines with the natural strength of the song to create high quality music that will help her make her mark on the British scene. As female singers have dominated record sales in recent years, with more songs of equal excellence, Nadia Marisa will have everything necessary for global success.”

Alex Faulkner – free lance music journalist


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On this page you will find a list of friends of mine. Networking is key in this business. This is one
thing I have learned over the past few months.

Musical Coaching

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Lar du dig att spela gitarr pa egen hand? Alla fran nyborjare till avancerade gitarrister behover support for att utvecklas. Gitarrinstruktion i Goteborgsomradet kan hjalpa dig att fa snabbare resultat!

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When children learn an instrument for the first time can it be a challenging and sometimes daunting task, especially if the lessons they receive are based on adult material. First Strings provide Guitar and Ukulele lessons in Glasgow for kids aged 5-12 in a fun, relaxed and encouraging environment.

Sometimes you feel like you lack the flair to do it but you still want to learn. This is a great place to find the best piano lessons in Omaha. You will be reading sheet music in no time, and the only requirement is that you be prepared for a deep commitment. There are countless ways to learn the piano all you need to do is know what works best for you. If you feel stuck you can finally rest assured that help has arrived.

The choice of what kind of guitar and music to play is very personal but very important. New guitar players naturally want to play the songs and music they love best, and this can range from popular ballads featuring guitar like songs by Ed Sheeran, to fast, melodic heavy metal by a band like Dream Theatre. Discussing your choice of music and instrument is an important first step when starting to learn guitar in Birmingham, and parents especially should discuss this with the teacher before buying a guitar for their child; surprisingly for many parents, children are likely to be happier and more successful when they play electric rather than acoustic guitar, and that electric guitars can be quieter in the home.

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Lerne, mit deiner Gitarre abzurocken! Potsdamer Rockgitarrenunterricht bietet entsprechende Strategien für Anfaenger und Fortgeschrittene. Die Schwerpunkte richten sich nach deinem derzeitigen Level und deinen musikalischen Vorlieben.

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Gitarrenstunden in Stuttgart haben es bewiesen. Du wirst massive Erfolgserlebnisse genießen können und dein Spiel auf ein Niveau entwickeln können von dem du selbst nicht geglaubt hast, dass es möglich ist.

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Soittamisen ilo on asia, joka pysyy mukana loppuun saakka ja siksi kannattaa ottaa harrastuksesta kaikki irti kuin vain voi. Yksi tehokkaimista tavoista nauttia soitosta ilman turhaa vaivaa on panostaa laadukkaaseen pianonopetukseen. Nyt on tarjolla Turun parhaat pianotunnit, jotta voisit nauttia soitosta niin paljon kuin mahdollista!

Looking to start classic rock guitar lessons in Nashville? Whether you’re just starting out or simply want to go beyond where your current skills will take you, La Vergne Smyrna Guitar Lessons has the plan that’s right for you. Schedule a free intro session by clicking on the orange button on the website today.

Ce zeliš izvedeti, kako igrati kitaro na nacin, da bo tvoj napredek cimhitrejsi, pridi v Solo kitare v Ljubljani. Tehnicne vaje, posebne delavnice, dodatno gradivo in ucni program, ki zagotavlja najkrajso pot od zacetnika do pravega kitarista.

The Rock Academy offers Vernal music lessons with the best teachers around. Most musicians struggle to learn music on their own. It’s proven that you’ll learn faster with the help of an excellent teacher.

Are you looking for Guitar Lessons in Richland, Tri-Cities WA? A-Sharp Guitar Instruction is here to help YOU become the guitar player you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t waste anymore time, sign up and discover your potential.

East Haven Ct Guitar Lessons is the place to go to acheive all of your guitar playing goals.You can aceive fretboard mastery over your guitar.If you live around the East Haven area we can get you started to being a ripping player.

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Falls Sie den Wuensch die Gitarre vom Anfang richtig zu spielen haben, gitarre lernen anfaenger in Zuerich koennte die richtige Sache fuer Sie sein. Buchen Sie heute Ihre kostenlose Probestunde! Es gibt eine Menge Gitarrenprogramme die sich an Ihre Beduerfnisse sicher passen werden.

Frustrated by boring guitar exercises? Transform your playing with the best guitar lessons in Fort Worth, TX from Eric Bourassa!

Har dit barn udtrykt et ønske om at begynde at spille guitar? Ønsker du at sikre du de bedste betingelser for udvikling af dit barns musikalske potentiale. Den bedste og mest kvalificerede guitarundervisning for boern i koebenhavn findes hos Guitar Academy Koebenhavn.

Do you want the best rock and metal guitar lessons in Stowmarket? Learning rock and metal doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right tuition. We like to make the process of learning as fun and stress free as possible so stop wishing about being a guitar hero and become it!

Don’t waste time learning to play the guitar the old traditional way. Guitar players have gotten better and better in shorter times for a reason, they used resources likeGet Better Faster Guitar Lessons in New Haven

Do you live around the Birmingham area and want to hone your guitar skills? Fortunately for you, there are many options in the city. To start with, visit Homewood AL guitar lessons.

Gitaarles in haarlem bij de Haarlemse Gitaarschool. Gratis proefles!

Play guitar the way you were meant to with guitar lessons in Green County, WI. The studio is easily accessible from anywhere in Green County. Top-notch instructor gives you lessons at any ability level.

Du suchst nach Gitarrenunterricht in Dortmund? Du fragst Dich, ob man Musik auch anders lernen kann? Dann bist Du bei Songwriters Shed genau richtig!


Are you searching for a producer / studio / session guitarist / bass player for your hard rock or heavy metal project? Contact us, we produce your music and record guitar, guitar solo and bass tracks based on your project needs. Our offering includes online mix, mastering and reamping services too.

Online Resources

Is your guitar speed stuck at a plateau? This is common for a lot of guitarists, but it does not have to be this way! The best way to improve your guitar playing is by learning how to shred on guitar from a teacher who will give you the tools you need to reach this goal.

Electric guitar player Sam Russell specialises in neoclassical and heavy metal music. He has recently published his first series of books, which are transcriptions of Bach’s Cello Suites for electric guitar, available on his website. The website also contains a few pieces for free!

Not all guitar lessons are the same. Most free online guitar lessons often result in frustration for the beginning guitar player. Learn how to play guitar in a fun, easy way using online beginning guitar lessons.

Does your songwriting lack inspiration? Learn how to gain inspiration and write songs in a highly expressive manner by taking an online songwriting course.

Do you aspire to get your tracks released on established labels? Do you know how you can get your productions up to that standard? Try an Electronic Music Production Course in Dublin and get your beats, basslines, arrangements and mixes to sound as good as they can possibly be!

The reason why most guitarists cannot play guitar well has nothing to do with talent, but has EVERYTHING to do with practicing guitar correctly. To learn how the best guitar players practice, visit this guitar practice website.

Whether you are an experienced guitar teacher or just getting started teaching guitar, you can learn how to teach guitar better by reading these free guitar teaching articles. The articles are grouped into two categories, ‘how to teach guitar’ and ‘growing your guitar teaching business’.

Does your acoustic guitar playing sound predictable and boring? Are you always playing the same things not knowing how to break out of the rut you find yourself in? Online lessons for acoustic guitar will provide you with everything you need to transform yourself into a great acoustic guitarist.

Could your blues guitar playing benefit from some great lessons and instruction? Check out these guitar lessons on How To Play Blues Guitar.

Professional Musicians

Looking to discover new blues guitar music? Listen to the guitar playing of this young from Belgium. This guitar music features highly emotional blues guitar playing.

Female Rock Vocalist Lauren Bateman’s voice has been compared to greats like Melissa Etheridhge and Ann Wilson of Heart. One listen, and her rock/pop vocals will have you amazed by her emotional honestly.

Do you like The Hunger Games? Download The Aftermath for free from Mellott and watch an amazing fan video of the trailer cut to their song.

Where great melodies meet powerful leads, where odd-time signatures do not detract from your listening experience, where there is no fear to move across styles while remaining faithful to a rock core – there you will find the music of progressive rock guitarist Tommaso Zillio. Feast your ears with the new generation of progressive rock.

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